Babies are born with the diving reflex
Photo: Louise Gilles-Compagnon

What we do

In 1994 Hank and Daisy Starrs bravely took their only child, then five months old, to an "underwater" swimming course in Kensington. Publicly, little was known regarding the method of baby submersion. One or two companies had just begun offering courses in London. The pair was terrified on the way to the pool and totally inspired on the way home.

Daisy trained as a swimming teacher and worked for two infant swim schools before taking the dive and in the year 2000 Baby Swimming was born. Quickly the team found suitable pools; Daisy taught the classes and Hank took care of the administration.

If you don't know yet, babies are born with the "diving reflex". When a baby goes underwater the epiglottis closes the throat, preventing babies from taking in water. They happily open their eyes underwater and kick their legs (some more than others). The diving reflex is at its strongest before the baby turns 12 months. You can enrol on your first Baby Swimming course when the baby is ten weeks old and is not older than 12 months of age. See the course content for more details.