Baby Swimming
Photo: Ian Watts


Baby Swimming was really fun and I learned so much with my baby. The pool was lovely and warm and the instructor was great, we have completed three terms and will definitely carry on as long as we can.

Thank you, Baby Swimming for helping me to raise my little son so confident in the water, for his love of the swimming, for his positive attitude to life.

I would like to say how much my 2 children enjoy their lessons with you. They are both very confident in the water and I am amazed at how their swimming skills are developing at such young ages. My daughter isn't 3 yet and can almost swim a width on her own.

My 7-year old daughter did the whole baby swimming program and she is amazing! She has had her 400m badge for 6 months now and is like a little fish. Two of my younger children got 'great swimmers' badges on holiday and it was noticed in their holiday clubs how good they were.

My youngest daughter started baby swimming from the age of 3 months and now at 2½ years is happy and confident in the water. Starting early has given her confidence to jump and swim unaided in most situations. She loves every aspect of the class and is happy to swim without me holding on to her. People have commented in the past about how impressed they were to see her kicking her legs, turning and bringing herself back to the surface. All in all it has been a fantastic experience and I would definitely do it again from an early age if we had another child.

Whilst on holiday other parents sunbathing around the pool would sit up to watch our 3yr old daughter run and jump into the water and swim to the side! We are very proud of our daughter's ability to swim and we love seeing her enjoyment around water. We have been very pleased with our daughters swimming ability, and love our teachers teaching method and have now enrolled our youngest son who is now 1yr and has already been swimming for a term.

We have found baby swimming a wonderful experience, both for our two children and us. We have all grown in confidence in the water and frequently receive complements about our sons swimming abilities. He is 3 in August and is able to swim a few meters unassisted as well as being safe in the pool and able to swim and hold onto the side. He has no fear in the water and this definitely due to the teaching he has received. Our youngest daughter is now 5 months and has started lessons and is already holding on to the side & going under the water. We would recommend baby swimming to all parents for confidence in the water and as a fun activity for the family!