Baby Swimming
Photo: Louise Gilles-Compagnon


Do babies need their immunisations before swimming?
We are happy to accept babies into classes before they are immunised, but we insist that this is your decision. Any concerns should be discussed with your GP or health visitor. The following is an excerpt from the NHS Borders website:

"The advice to wait until the baby has had some or all of their immunisations goes back to the days when polio was much more common and people were worried about its spread in swimming pools. This is no longer a concern. The vaccines given to young babies protect against: Diphtheria, Pertussis, Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type b) and Men C (Meningococcal group C). These organisms are in the air. Swimming pools do not carry a greater risk of infection. The above infections are not contracted in the chlorinated water environment of a well-run swimming pool."

What about feeding?
Babies should wait one hour after a feed before swimming.

Can we take photos of our baby in the class?
I am sorry, but due to privacy and safety concerns cameras and phones or any recording devices are not allowed in the pool room. We undertsand that having a photo as a memory is impotrtant, so we allocate lesson eight of the level one course for the instructor to take underwater photos of your baby. This provides you with a wonderful keepsake. The cost is £10 for the set of digital photos. The payment is kept by the instructor to pay for their time delivering the photos. Baby Swimming does not take the money for the photos.

Is there somewhere to park?
All our venues provide parking close to the pool, mostly free parking. Please see your specific pool details for more information. This is sent to you with your receipt upon payment for your course.

Can both parents attend the classes?
Yes certainly. One parent is in the pool with the baby, the other can observe the class from poolside. And you can alternate weeks if you wish, so you both learn with your baby. Please keep attendance to two adults per baby to avoid congestion and noise.

What about illness?
If your baby has suffered from a tummy bug, it is important to wait two days after the first solid movement before going swimming. Obviously babies with an infectious condition should not swim. It is not avisable to swim if your baby has an ear infection. If your child has a mild cold and seems okay in themselves then bring them along. You can always cut the lesson short if your child is distressed.

We welcome babies with learning disabilities or handicaps. As long as your doctor has given the go ahead for your baby to swim we welcome you, whatever your baby's condition.

What do babies wear in the pool?
To avoid nappy leakage, we use the "double-up" nappy method. We ask that parents purchase a neoprene " happy nappy". The neoprene nappy is worn on top of any other type of swim nappy for double security. As our pools are special warm baby pools, baby does not need to wear anything othere than the swim nappies, but you can of course add a swimming costume if you like.

How much do the classes cost?
A nine week course costs £157.50–£198 depending on venue and class size. Level One 10% discount. We also offer a generous sibling discount. Please see the prices page for full details.

How many babies are in each class?
Classes are tailored to the size of the pool. The maximum number of babies per class is nine. At some venues, classes are smaller.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
If you cancel no less than five working days before the start date we will refund the cost of the course minus a 10% administration fee. If you cancel less than five working days before the course commences, we will refund the cost of the course minus a 20% administration fee. If you cancel on or after the course start date we cannot offer you a refund or transfer.

Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

What qualifications and insurance do you have?
The instructors hold an ASA swimming teacher qualification and an RLSS lifeguard certificate. The underwater method is taught in house. As a company we hold employers' liability insurance and public liability insurance.

How many parents can attend?
We ask that one parent or carer is in the pool with the baby. The other parent can watch from the side of the pool.

Which level do I enrol on?
If your baby is between 10 weeks and 12 months old and has not attended an underwater swimming course you can enrol on level one.

If you are coming from another swimming company, please contact our office to discuss the appropriate level.